Wiring Diagram is available here


I did not get an install guide where can i find it?

The install depends on the area where you want to install them and how you are going to power them. We suggest you take a look at our customer installs to see how they can be implemented on your custom project. Click here. 



Do I need an LED driver for each number?

No! One of our drivers can power up to 5 of the big numbers. You will know when a LED driver is overloaded as it will start flashing or turning on and off.


If I already have a 12V wire in place, do I need to buy the transformer?

No! As long as it is 12v DC (NOT AC) and 1 Amp you can use your own.


Do they automatically turn on when it gets dark?

No! You would have to wire in a "Dusk To Dawn Light Sensor Switch " aka Photocell sensor. 


Can you Dim the lights?

Yes! Each power supply comes with a dimmer. Link


Can i do a custom order?

Minimum order size is 30+ units for custom orders


How do they hold up in coastal areas?

We suggest you place an extra seal around the cracks to ensure that salt water does not make its way inside. Clear Marine grade silicone will do the trick. 3M 08019


Do you ship internationally?

Yes we are happy to ship to countries outside the US. Keep in mind customers are responsible for their country's duties, customs, and taxes. 


Will they rust?

Stainless Steel by nature is resistant to corrosion due to its native protective layer (chromium oxide). In areas of high humidity or salinity environments such as coastal areas extra precautions should be taken to ensure the longevity of the stainless steel and to keep it looking good. Quick google search will turn up many products that will combat this if necessary in your location.


Mounting options:

Each number comes with two metal dowels or 2 screws that can be secured from the back using 5/32 drill bit hole. They can be either flush mounted or stand off a bit. We preferer the look of them flush mounted when available.