Backlit House Number install

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Backlit House Number install

After seeing another guide i wanted to update my house numbers to something modern as well as practical. I constantly have delivery drivers drive right past my house as i have shrubbery and sit a bit off the road. 

My requirements :

Something bigger then standard numbers

Something that would be visible at night

Water Proof


Led Numbers by JELSCO 

Water Proof Led Driver 



Rust-oleum Spray paint

Wiring Caps

Wire Strippers



Drill bits - 3/8 & 5/32


Volt Meter

Step 1: Mounting

I wanted to make this easy and not run power cables cables anywhere so i used existing wiring to my front porch light. Originally I was just going to tap in and leave the light but i did not want the light above to drown out the numbers below, like i have seen on so many houses. After installing i know this would not be an issue because the LED lights are BRIGHT, i may add my porch light back in. I checked voltage to make sure it was in the 110 -220 range of the driver i ordered. Next i took measurements i would need to cover the hole and fit the numbers as well.

Step 2: Prep the Backboard


I had an old piece of plywood laying around that was the right width and i just had to cut to length.I spaced the numbers how i liked them traced them with a pen then cut it. The Numbers come with mounting hardware, I placed them on the board and marked where the holes needed to be drilled. I used 5/32 bit to make pilot holes that the dowels fit in perfectly. Next mark where the wires need to come though and drill them out with a 3/8 bit.

I used a metallic paint that filled in most of the plywood look and finished with a cool look to it. Gave it two coats and let it sit over night.

Step 3: Wiring

The LED lights require low voltage 12VDC, This driver should power up to 5 numbers.

The wires on the numbers are black and red - you match those together to the driver.

To the house you have N - Neutral and L - Load

LED Neutral (Blue) to House Neutral (White)

LED Load(Brown) to House Load (Black)

Make sure you kill the breaker before you touch anything!!

Step 4: Final Thoughts

I went ahead and put hot glue on the hole on the back of the numbers(Where the wires come though) and in all the wiring caps to ensure they are water proof. I have my front porch lights on a smart switch so they now turn on when it gets dark which is really mindless. Over all these look great, pizza man wont miss me now!

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